Catch Me If You Can

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Catch Me If You Can
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(43 cm x 66 cm x 15 cm)
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Roadrunners are mischievous and intelligent birds. This life-size quilted roadrunner was inspired by the playful creature who frequented my Las Vegas backyard and enjoyed teasing my cat and then running away. I imagine the fleet-footed bird laughing as my cat tried but always failed to catch him.

This cloth sculpture is adorned by individually quilted feathers, lace, buttons and paint. His yarn-wrapped wire legs dart along a quilted fabric "turf" that has been strewn with bits of string, twigs and hand-embroidery to mimic desert terrain.

I've always been fascinated by birds. As a textile sculptor, I enjoy molding, stitching, stuffing and twisting colorful bits of fabric and wire into bird shapes and embellishing them with a variety of mixed media. These crazy critters seem to have minds of their own and I never know how they'll turn out. Each completed work is as much a surprise to me as it is to the viewer.
Cotton fabric, wire, Poly-Fil, paint, lace, yarn, beads, buttons, polymer clay, wood, glue and assorted found objects.
Hand and machine quilting and embroidery, wire sculpting, painting. The wing and tail feathers are individually quilted and machine embroidered. The wood base is covered with quilted and embroidered fabric and trims.