Victoria Red

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Victoria Red
45 in
24 in
2.5 in
(114 cm x 61 cm x 6 cm)
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A collage of imagination, Victoria Red represents a grandmother I observed at a wedding. It was time for a splendid new name (Victoria instead of Vicki) and hair to match the royalty (fire-red instead of gray). Although her husband was inconsequential, she brought him along. It was the wedding she had always dreamed of where the females reigned, looking their best, excited, eager, and in control. Prance forth grandmother. You too can be a bride. Perch yourself on the highest of stiletto heels, beam for your turn to hold the bridal bouquet, and march into your destiny.
Cotton, mohair, wool, silk, recycled bridal fabric and necklace, buttons and beads over needlepoint canvas. Rayon/wool felt backing and polyester stuffing.
Hand stitched, knitted, and crocheted.