Once Belonged

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Once Belonged
12 in
24 in
24 in
(30 cm x 61 cm x 61 cm)
Photo Credit
Ryan Stein Photography
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With drawers, doors, shelves and slots, a cabinet of curiosities is a piece of furniture in which to keep objects for contemplation and study. Mystery and exclusivity are heightened by the secret, hidden places. Once Belonged presents two of my collections: numbers & people. Finding inspiration in the streets, I collect images of real people who are anonymous to me and I develop them as personalities, creating stories around them. I admire idiosyncratic, graphically interesting house numbers and I collect photos of these too. Installed as a single or double spiral, the scroll conceals many of the numbers and people, provoking curiosity about what is hidden. The wonder about what else is there, but not seen in the coiled scroll creates a cabinet of curiosities, a wunderkammer.
Cotton fabric, Peltex70 stiff batting, thread.
Screenprinted, inked & dyed by the artist with screens made from her digitally altered photographs; machine pieced, and machine quilted.