Peonies and Petunias

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Peonies and Petunias
37 in
41.5 in
(94 cm x 105 cm)
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I love using flowers in my work in creative ways to share the beauty of nature. Peonies and Petunias was inspired by photos taken at the Denver Botanical Gardens in Colorado. The huge peonies were creamy white, contrasted with the deep, deep purple of the tiny petunias. I combined the two and created both in the opposite colors. The flowers were then placed on a mirror image, hand-dyed background that complemented their colors perfectly.
Ink and thread painting were used to enhance both the flowers and the subtle forms of the background, providing further harmony in the composition.
Cotton, interfacing, acrylics, ink pencils
Raw-edge appliqu├ęd, hand painted, hand dyed, free motion quilted, thread painted