Reclaiming My Birthright: Call to My Future Self

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Reclaiming My Birthright: Call to My Future Self
45 in
40 in
(114 cm x 102 cm)
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As a coping mechanism for trauma, personally created fairy tales have clouded my vision and my ability to live in truth, creating soft borders within me. I correlate dysfunctional family legacies through personal experience and epigenetics to reveal the psychological and genetic traits that each generation inherits. Whatever residue embeds through nature and nurture, we can deconstruct those wounds.

I reconnect with the mysteries of life. I am rebuilding my borders. Perfectly timed pain, love, forgiveness, gratitude, and friendship all usher me into radical self-acceptance. I reveal the impact of our history, the endurance of the human spirit, and the gift of healing.
Cotton muslin, rayon, silk organza, textile pigment, dyes
Digitally printed, screen printed, painted, dyed, machine quilted, embroidered