Seeing Through to the Light

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Seeing Through to the Light
44.5 in
41 in
(113 cm x 104 cm)
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Sunlight filtered through tree branches where once, long ago, a roof had been. The light defined a tangle of overgrown vines. Intricate complexity revealed. (I stood in the quiet of pine needles off a county road in rural South Carolina.) In that isolated place, what might have been frightening and eerie was made mysteriously beautiful. I wondered what had happened to this little house. Who had lived here? Where were they now? Without answers to those questions, the patterns revealed by the light inspired me to give voice to what I saw. I saw light. I saw it cut through emotional darkness and loss, resurrecting abandonment as art.
Acrylic paints and mediums, muslin, sheer polyester, polyester felt, eco felt
Monoprinted, resist and relief printed, painted, collaged, machine stitched