What Light from Yonder Window Breaks?

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What Light from Yonder Window Breaks?
46.5 in
41 in
(118 cm x 104 cm)
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The property of light that has always fascinated me most is movement, perhaps in part because it incorporates changes in any or all of its other properties—color, intensity, and distribution—but also because movement in light connects us to the passage of time.

This work began as a photographic time-exposure of neon-colored lights, which I moved in curvilinear lines in front of a camera’s lens. I was struck by the evocative nature of the window-like shapes, which conjured a feeling of moving quickly through town—perhaps on a train or bus—and catching glimpses of reflections and distortions in glass window panes or on a wet street. I was hoping to evoke a lyrical beauty of moving through light and its absence.
Photographed, scanographed, digitally designed, free motion quilted