Marian Zielinski

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Macon, GA
United States

Artist Statement
I am a fiber artist in Macon, Georgia, specializing in art quilts that integrate painting, computer graphic design, drawing, printmaking, and photography. In my work, I aspire to evoke a synthesis of real, imaginary, mythological, and poetic images and spaces with powerful narratives inspired by nature, music, people, places, and ideas. I try to discover in and through my work a resonance in the interplay of light and shadow, a provocative sensory tactile appeal in texture and pattern, a distinctive character for shapes and forms, and a dramatic dialogue between colors. For me, making art is a reverie where I dream, imagine, wonder, meditate, and remember. In the essence of composing images I find the emblem of the mysteries of life and death, and as such, a place to explore the meaning and grace of human life.