Rust to Dust

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Rust to Dust
35 in
41 in
(89 cm x 104 cm)
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Inspired by nature's elemental energies, this work is an ecological, philosophical, and personal commentary on human nature, culture, and the physical world, grounded in the story of Providence Canyon in Georgia, a canyon created in part by farm-runoff erosion in the 19th century. Photographs of these extraordinary formations in nature are digitally layered with images of iconic artifacts of human culture-decaying 1950's automobiles abandoned on the ridge of the canyon. This gallery of rusted cars features the remains of a romanticized era. The icon of the automobile, associated with adventure and coming of age, is rife with metaphors of longing and desire. These cars, however, are no longer mobile and are returning to the soil and have, for me, an uncanny beauty as they provide the subject of this reverie on aging and mortality.
Digital photo printed on fabric, machine quilted