Goodnight, Sweet Prince

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Goodnight, Sweet Prince
59 in
44 in
(150 cm x 112 cm)
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About this work:
My father died from Alzheimer's disease in 2004. It took eight years before I was able to make this quilt. For years after his passing, the ravages of the disease and the photographs I took as he gradually slipped away framed all my thoughts of him. As I reclaimed my memories of who he was, I began to feel the poignancy of his present absence and his absent presence. It was in the making of this quilt that I was finally able to say goodbye.
About my body of work:
My work is strongly influenced by my fascination with representations and perceptions of space and time and the traces of human history imbued in the style and content of places created by human hands, memories, and imaginations. I am seeking to portray light that has resonance in the viewer's experience, color that floods memory, tactility that stimulates sensations, a picture plane that invites intimacy or distance with its potential to minimize or maximize space with its flatness or depth, and to explore the significance of presence and/or absence of human figures in these representations.
My most recent works celebrate and address the theatre�its unique ability not only to tell a story, but to take its viewers on a vicarious, dramatic and transformative journey into the world of the 'other', to move beyond the maze, the architecture, the structure, and the circuitry of life to engage with an essence of the human and the significance of culture as a context for being.
Textile paint and inks on white cotton, archival print canvas, dupioni silk
Whole-cloth painted and heliographic printed, thermofax screen printed, appliquéd, free-motion quilted.