South Carolina & Georgia

Welcome to SAQA's Georgia/South Carolina Region. Over the last few years, we have been steadily building our membership, meeting several times a year via Zoom to share our work with one another and enjoy demos and discussions to further our knowledge. We are engaged in sponsoring regional exhibitions, retreats, and workshops featuring nationally recognized instructors such as Pat Pauly, Paula Kovarik, and others. Because our region covers two states, we have a growing number of Local Connections so that no one should feel they are alone. Our plans are to continue to expand and build on this momentum, and we would be honored if you were to join us as your selection for your 1st or 2nd regional membership!


Take a look at the A Thread Runs Through It catalog, or view the video below of our recent Garbage Bag Challenge.

Local Connections

We currently have Local Connections (LC’s) in these areas, which meet in person and/or virtually:
Thomaston, GA
Greater Atlanta, GA
Savannah/ Low Country
Coastal Carolina (Charleston up to the NC border)

If you are interested in joining one of our Region's LCs, or if you want to form one in your area of our Region, please send an email to Molly Flowers at

Regional Newsletter

Please send newsletter information to: Candace Hackett Shively (Candy) at by the 20th of every month.