SAQA Regions

With over 40 member regions, SAQA provides a network of support, camaraderie, and inspiration no matter your location. These regional groups offer a variety of resources that help foster personal and professional development.

While each regional group is different, some of the opportunities available include regional exhibitions, trunk shows, educational workshops, monthly meetings, and more!

The Rep position is unfilled at this time. Please contact the Regional Rep Coordinator if you are interested in being a Regional Representative for the Alabama/Mississippi Region.
The Alaska region is small in numbers, but mighty. We support and promote fiber artists, teachers, and aspiring fiber artists developing their fine-art skills. Work from our members can be found in solo, multi-region, global, and group exhibitions including Art Cloth North, our biennial juried show.
The Arizona Region's diverse and expansive landscape kindles creativity in the artists that live here. Members are inspired by the desert in the south part of the state and the pines and canyons in the north. Arizona artists are also driven to social causes due to the proximity to Mexico and the resident Native American Tribes located throughout the state as well as water and the environment.
The Arkansas/Louisiana region welcomes you to join our member artists as we explore the art of the “ART Quilt”. We meet most months and during this COVID pandemic, we meet via ZOOM. Hope to see ya’ll.
The SAQA Atlantic Canada Region represents textile artists from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. Our Region is fairly expansive and largely rural. SAQA allows us to forge strong bonds of community for our diverse, dynamic quilt artists.
SAQA Northern California/Northern Nevada is large in many ways – membership, geography and diversity among its members. Our region strives in many ways to create an environment of warmth and inclusion. We want all members to feel known and acknowledged.
Welcome to the Southern California and Southern Nevada region! Check our Facebook group to find out more about our regional activities, including virtual happy hours on Zoom and two upcoming opportunities to share your artwork. Here & Now Regional Exhibition
The members of the SAQA Central Canada Region are a very diverse and friendly group of textile artists from Ontario and Quebec. Some members are internationally well known while others enjoy a personal practice but have little interest in entering their work in shows.
These three states are known for majestic mountains, rugged canyon country, and is where the American Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. Our artists are as diverse as the landscape and find inspiration in its people and places.
SAQA CT warmly welcomes new members and looks forward to working together to facilitate sharing our art, our techniques, our challenges and our successes. Localized social and educational opportunities are important elements of the dynamic offerings to our members.
The Europe & Middle East region is quite different from most other SAQA regions. First and foremost, the field of art quilts and textile art in our region is a very young, constantly evolving and strongly growing area of the arts. Artists are scattered throughout the region, speaking numerous different languages and having very diverse historical backgrounds and cultural roots.
The Florida region is an active vibrant SAQA region. We have eight pods that meet on varying schedules. We periodically have regional juried exhibits, and retreats as well as the occasional regional class offering with national quilt artists.
We're a bit spread out but there is so much talent here in our beautiful region. Let's share the aloha!
Welcome to the Illinois and Wisconsin Region. Our vast area borders both of the magnificent shorelines of the Superior and Michigan Great Lakes, stretching down into the scenic flat farm lands. Members of diverse backgrounds, from heavily populated cities to rural farms, showcase their talents stitching art in colorful and exciting ways
SAQA IN is a gregarious, welcoming eclectic group of artists. We range from JAMS to eager beginners. Members are supported, applauded, and valued as we move along in our creative journeys. We are delighted to get together to share a meal, view an exhibit, share our work and learn new skills.
The Rep position is unfilled at this time. Please contact the Regional Rep Coordinator if you are interested in being a Regional Representative for the Iowa Region.
Welcome to SAQA Japan. In Japan, Art quilt is not yet a major field compared to traditional quilt. Our group is small in number, but each member creates high-quality works and is well recognized domestically and some, internationally. We have just started working as a group, and we are looking forward to expanding our activities with our colleagues in the future. Japan is a fascinating country and has a unique culture. We hope that many of you have a chance to visits us and share your creativity.
Welcome to the SAQA Kansas-Missouri-Oklahoma Region! We are as diverse as our states are large and welcome one and all to join us as we explore all of what it means to be an "art quilter"! Susan Stevenson and Rhonda Denney, co-reps for this region, look forward to having you join us at one of our virtual Zoom meetings or in-person when the time comes! Welcome!
The Kentucky Tennessee region has a rich history of quilting and art, so it's only natural that we are creating a new chapter dedicated to Art Quilts. This region has just acquired a rep so any ideas for the future of the region are welcome!
Our region covers many countries rich in historical and traditional textile arts. However, quilts and quilt making are not common knowledge. Art Quilts are basically non-existent. Therefore, it is our desire to elevate the quilt from a utilitarian piece, in the eye of the public, into the art world through education and exposure. Currently, there are small pockets of art quilt knowledge among some textile artists, and we want to grow those pockets exponentially. Nuestra región cubre varios países con arte textil histórico y tradicional. Sin embargo, los quilts y la técnica de hacerlos no es…
Greetings from Maine / New Hampshire / Vermont! Our beautiful region is a vibrant home for artists and craftspeople of all kinds. This is a wonderful part of the country for art quilters to live and work.
The DC/MD/WV SAQA Region is as diverse in its membership as the area in which we are located. Our region is dedicated to the promotion of art quilters and art quilts through an active regional exhibition program.
We are a vibrant SAQA region in Massachusetts and Rhode Island with many extraordinary art quilters. We have numerous resources including The New England Quilt Museum and Pro Chemical and Dye. In addition to our regional meetings, we have several Pods and Crit Groups that meet regularly. Typically we have a traveling exhibition.
Welcome to the Michigan Region! We are a small but mighty group of artists, educators, and quilt enthusiasts working towards growing and strengthening our region. Our members range from Juried Artist Members to beginners and everyone in between. We are hard at work to provide opportunities to learn, exhibit, and support each other. We have monthly zoom meetings on the 3rd Sunday of the month where everyone can participate and attend. We hope you will join us and if you have any questions, please reach out to either of the Representatives.
SAQA Minnesota is at the starting line. Our SAQA co-representatives are enjoying our new members with Zoom meetings monthly. Minnesota always has a vast variety of landscapes to draw from. With 10,000 lakes (even more if you’re willing to count them), deep woods, prairies, farmland, and large bustling multi-cultural cities for contrast, there’s always something that will inspire you to start a new quilt. New members will be cherished and nurtured. Our regional newsletter comes out every other month. Contact the Rep for more details.
Our SAQA region of Idaho and Montana is growing in membership and activity. Our membership is varied: we have professional artists, newcomers to this art form, members still searching for their style, people focused on exhibiting their work, and some who simply want to enjoy the art and camaraderie.
Welcome to Nebraska's Regional home page. We are so glad to you're here. You have found your tribe! We look forward to meeting you at one of our four quarterly meetings or perhaps our annual workshop gathering.
The Rep position is unfilled at this time. Please contact Regional Rep Coordinator if you are interested in being a Regional Representative for the New Jersey & Delaware Region.
New Mexico is a vibrant and diverse region. Meetings are held bi-monthly, alternating between venues in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, on the third Saturday of the month.
Welcome to SAQA-New York! Our membership reflects New York State's diversity with immense and varied talent. With that diversity of skills, background and knowledge come a very robust -- and fun -- group of members. Everyone is welcome to join our activities and contribute. We regularly host video / online meetings to stay in touch across the miles, with members and special guests making presentations that foster great conversations. We also certainly benefit from all that New York City has to offer. Quarterly museum trips, tours, or artist studio visits populate our calendar. We strive to...
The Rep position is unfilled at this time. Please contact the Regional Rep Coordinator if you are interested in being a Regional Representative for the N.D/S.D Region.
The Oceania Region is predominantly Australia and New Zealand SAQA members, and we welcome all those who are interested in art quilting. Our region comprises of members who are new to art quilting through to professional art quilters and you will be sure to find like minded creatives amongst our membership.
SAQA Oregon is a very active region with approximately 195 members, two co-representatives and three local connections - Portland, Central Oregon and Valley South. We have a biannual regional juried exhibit, a biannual regional conference, local challenge quilt exhibits, a biannual retreat and occasionally a non-juried showcase exhibit.
Welcome to SAQA PA! Connecting in the time of Covid is so important for anyone, especially art quilters working on their own. We are all artists-in-residence, and SAQA has done a fabulous job of pivoting to meet our needs. Now, SAQA-PA is ready to supplement social, emotional, and intellectual support on a more personal scale.
Welcome to SAQA's Georgia/South Carolina Region! Over the last two years, we have been steadily building our membership, meeting monthly to share our work with one another. We have actively been engaged in sponsoring regional exhibitions, such as A Thread Runs Through It and JAM Session at the Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum and Carrollton Center for the Arts.
Welcome to SAQA's Taiwan Region! Sharing and creating are inseparable driving forces. Hope to see everyone‘s beautiful works here!
Texas is a large and diverse region with over 200 members. Our members stay in touch through local connections, a monthly newsletter, a SAQA Texas Facebook page, and Zoom meetings. Regional exhibitions and a traveling trunk show feature members' artwork. True to our state motto, "Friendship", we treasure our current members and welcome new ones.
They call us the Middle-Atlantic region because we're at the center of the East Coast. Our membership reflects our region: from bustling Northern Virginia to the beautiful beaches of North Carolina, our artists capture the expansive horizon of the Atlantic and the forested Appalachian Mountains, as well as being on the forefront of the Modern movement.
Fiber artists in the Washington Region are thriving in this remarkably diverse landscape. The Pacific Northwest is the perfect backdrop for our art: big on nature, city life, and the tech world. We rely on SAQA to bring us together as a nurturing fiber art community to share our art and experiences through Zoom meetings, newsletter, Facebook SAQA WA Region Artists posts, regional exhibitions, and getting together whenever we can find space to make our art community stronger.
The Western Canada Region is vast: the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia and the Yukon Territory are an area of almost 3.4 million square kilometers (over 1.3 million square miles). The Northwest Territories and Nunavut add another 3.4 million square kilometers. We rely on SAQA to bring us together as a fibre art community to share our experiences.

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