SAQA IN is a gregarious, welcoming eclectic group of artists. We range from JAMS to eager beginners. Members are supported, applauded, and valued as we move along in our creative journeys. We are delighted to get together to share a meal, view an exhibit, share our work and learn new skills. Activities include meetings (including Zoom), retreats, workshops, museum visits, gallery walks, calls for entry, challenges, book studies, lectures, critiques, mentoring, sharing information, group outings, Local Connection meetings, and using SAQA  Resources to increase skills and knowledge.

We truly like and admire one another and love to celebrate success and provide encouragement as needed. We partner with other SAQA regions in calls for entry and to enjoy exhibitions and museum exhibits.  Meetings are scheduled in different areas of the state to make it convenient for more members to attend. Monthly Zoom meetings also keep us connected, as does our private SAQA IN Facebook page. Contact SAQA IN Co-Reps Lisa Dodson or Susie Goodman (  to learn about upcoming meetings and events.

We Zoom on the last Tuesday of each month beginning at 1:00pm EDT. We especially enjoy our “Artists’ Expressions” (our version of Show and Tell). These meetings are more informal. We love chatting with one another.

We host a private Facebook page for Indiana members and affiliates only.  We share work, ideas, and reminders of upcoming deadlines and events. Members and affiliates may contact SAQA IN Reps for an invitation to join.

We look forward to meeting you and to warmly welcoming you to our tribe!


Newsletter Info

SAQA IN Regional Newsletters are published routinely to inform members and affiliates about upcoming events, opportunities and celebrates members accomplishments. The newsletter recaps past meetings and events so members can stay updated on SAQA IN happenings.

Deadline for submission is the last day of the previous month. Submissions are emailed to SAQA IN Co-Reps  Lisa Dodson and Susie Goodman at


Local Connections

Local Connection POD #1 meets monthly, 1:00 - 3:00 pm  on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at The Tailored Fit in Bloomington, IN. Contact SAQA IN Co-Reps for more information:

Our POD meetings are more intimate, informal get togethers.  We have members providing instruction or demonstrations. Currently we are doing a book study.  Since we were at so many different paths in our creative journeys, we each selected our own book from which to work.  This has delighted us in having a multitude of different topics and experiences we can share. We also have challenges, calls for entry, critiques, and Artist’s Expressions. POD meetings are open to all.  Let us know if you want to join us.


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