Peggy Brown

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Nashville, IN
United States

Artist Statement
Making art is something I have to do - and knowing visual art must be seen to be heard, true fulfillment comes when the viewer unites with my vision and becomes a part of my marks on paper and fabric.

Most of the time I work in an improvisational way. I freely paint on a whole cloth substrate and continue by letting the completed imagery suggest further additions. These additions can be collage of painted fabrics or archival paper; and sometimes digital transfers cropped from one of my watercolor paintings or personal photographs. My goal is to take a free-flowing start and end with a well-designed and unique painting on fabric.

My work has been accepted in Quilt National, Art Quilt Visions*, World of Beauty*, AQS Paducah*, National Fiber Directions*, LaConner Quilt and Textile Museum*, Elements, Quilts+Art+Quilts, Focus Fiber, Form Not Function*, many SAQA Exhibits (* denotes awards). It has been featured in 7 books and many magazine and web articles.

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