Peggy Brown

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Nashville, IN
United States

Artist Statement
The splendor or nature, the voice of music and words, elegant textures and color are my inspirations. By expressing my love of all things beautiful I hope to connect to others thru my art. Although I admire the artists who bring our attention to conditions that have left many of us bewildered, disoriented and desolate, I create what makes me happy and hope it makes others happy also. The world is still a beautiful place.

My principal medium is transparent watercolor. My preferred substrates are fabric and paper or a combination of both. I work intuitively, making marks on a wet substrate. When dry I often repaint the entire surface; sometimes I re-paint sections and enhance and strengthen the work with collage and digital transfers from sections of my paintings on paper or my photos. It is an adventure. My goal is to create a well-composed and unique painting on fabric.