Imagining Images V

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Imagining Images V
43.5 in
23.5 in
(110 cm x 60 cm)
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“Imagining Images V” began when I freely brushed watercolor paint onto a wet piece of paper. As it dried, the paint followed its own paths. The resulting blended colors and textures inspired a design which I worked out with collage and more paint. I decided to photo and digitally transfer the imagery to silk, divided the image into 9 sections, printed each, and pieced the sections together. To add contrast and interest I added lightly painted side panels with collage complimentary to the center imagery. Finishing, I added a few more collage pieces and lightly painted sections and quilted the piece. I try to create something beautiful, viewers are welcome to look and find their own meaning in my work.
Hand painted silk, digital transfers to treated silk, transparent watercolor paint
Painted with watercolor, digital transfers using photoshop, collaged, machine quilted