California (Northern) and Nevada (Northern)

The Rep position is unfilled at this time. Please contact the Regional Rep Coordinator if you are interested in being a Regional Representative for No. California & No. Nevada.

SAQA Northern California/Northern Nevada is large in many ways – membership, geography, and diversity among its members. With in-person and virtual meetings, Local Connections, Regional Exhibits, Local Connection Showcases, Regional SAQA website, and Facebook, opportunities abound for members. Our region strives in many ways to create an environment of warmth and inclusion. We want all members to feel known and acknowledged.

Our website is where you’ll find information about Regional Calls for Entry, Local Member Events, meeting highlights, and other current information about our group. We also maintain a Facebook regional page.

As one of SAQA’s largest regions, we have a vibrant group of artists and those interested in creating Regional Exhibits. Many of our exhibitions have traveled throughout the state and were seen by a large number of exhibition goers. 

Local Connections

We have several Local Connections groups in the region. Members are welcome to be a part of the local connections group of their choice. Each group chooses what type of activities they have, on Zoom or in-person. These may include group discussions, field trips to museums, demonstrations, show and tell, etc. Read more about each group at and use the contact form on that page to be connected to the local connections group in your area.