Jan Soules

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Elk Grove, CA
United States

Artist Statement
Color plays an important role in my creative process. Whether it is bold and bright or serene and calming, I enjoy mixing my fabric color palette as an artist mixes his paints. Much of my work is composed of pictorial pieces, inspired by my ten years living abroad and my worldwide travels. I start with my own photos, create a pattern, and interpret it, as it suits the composition. I often combine piecing and fusing in one piece and enjoy adding unexpected photo transfers.

Many of my own hand dyes end up in my work, often mixed with those of others. I usually work on several projects at a time, all at different stages. This gives me the flexibility of choosing what suits my mood on any given day.

I recently began exploring improvisational piecing using solid fabrics. This is a new departure for me, but one I am excited about pursuing seriously in the future.

Let's all continue to explore and create with fabric!