New Mexico

New Mexico is a vibrant and diverse region. Meetings are held bi-monthly, alternating between venues in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, on the third Saturday of the month.

In addition to business and show and tell, we have recently added a short presentation by one of our members covering topics such as "How to Make the Most of Your SAQA Membership," and "What I Learned From the SAQA 100-Day Challenge." We plan to expand the opportunities for our members to learn from each other with short demos and mini workshops following a meeting.

In February 2020, we also added an online critique meeting on the third Saturday of months when we do not have a regional meeting. This has given those who live in the far-flung reaches of our huge state an opportunity to participate and get to know other members.

Newsletter Info

A newsletter goes out to SAQA New Mexico members two weeks prior to regular meetings as a reminder of the location and agenda of the meeting. The week after a meeting, a follow-up newsletter is sent that covers details of the meeting, exhibition news, and announcements. To be included in the newsletter, information should be sent to by the 15th of the month.


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