Michelle Jackson

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Sandia Park, NM
United States

Artist Statement
Art in one form or fashion has always been a part of the life of Michelle Jackson. Michelle graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology and worked as a women’s lingerie designer in New York City. In 2004, she started combining her new love of quilting with fashion, creating wearable art patterns.

With a love of color and obsession to be more creative she moved quickly into art quilts. “This is where I feel at home; exaggerating color to capture moments and tell stories.” She says. “The most fun part of the design process is deciding what tweak of color to use to help people see what I want them to see, or feel what I want them to feel?”

Michelle's quilts have won numerous awards, have been published in many magazines and books and appear in national and international exhibits including, The Texas Quilt Museum, and SAQA Traveling Exhibits, one of which traveled to 4 continents. Michelle also teaches and lectures on the use of color and light to tell a story in fiber.