Marika Pineda

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Santa Fe, NM
United States

Artist Statement
Some wise but anonymous soul posted a quote on Instagram that perfectly describes my identity as an artist: “People don’t become artists. In time, artists become themselves.”

I came to art quilting after a life oriented to the written word, from writing poetry and fiction, to careers as a technical editor and librarian. I began focusing on visual art after recovering from cancer in 2010. I gravitated to textiles because of the intimate role they play in our physical lives, their tactile nature, and the endless range of possibilities for manipulation.

I create art quilts using hand-dye processes, printing, layering, piecing, and fusing. My work reflects a visual exploration of who, what, and where I am. I focus on how it feels to inhabit a human body, on feeling states, as well as elements of landscape. I often work with layers, both in substance and meaning. I delight in surfaces that resist solidity, and in the play of light—reflections, translucency, and shadows.