Europe & Middle East

The Europe & Middle East region is quite different from most other SAQA regions. First and foremost, the field of art quilts and textile art in our region is a very young, constantly evolving and strongly growing area of the arts. Artists are scattered throughout the region, speaking numerous different languages and having very diverse historical backgrounds and cultural roots.

This setting may sometimes make for communication issues or a feeling of uncertainty but we have learned and are constantly reminded that our most powerful language is our art itself. Once we let our artwork speak, it doesn’t matter if our linguistic background is French, German, English or Hebrew (or any of the other languages spoken over here). Once our art takes over, we communicate in colors, shapes, materials, techniques. What counts is the basic sentiment, the process from the idea to the quilt and the way it interacts with any viewer.

We consider the diversity of our region as one of our strong points! Please feel free to check out the websites of the SAQA E&ME members and see for yourself.

Current exhibitions include:

Wide Horizons VIII (opening at EPM in September)

Orient Express (traveling throughout Europe)

Newsletter Info

We publish our regional newsletter three times a year (01 March, 01 July, 01 November).

The deadline for newsletter submission is four weeks before the publishing date (01 February, 01 June, 01 October)

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