Leah Higgins

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

United Kingdom

Artist Statement
Many of my abstract quilts are inspired by the places I have lived. I am particularly struck by how man-made buildings and structures shape the urban landscape. My ‘Ruins’ quilts are inspired by old industrial buildings that exist around us, some re-purposed and some abandoned. Other pieces, such as Happy Today? are inspired by the effect of place on my mental and emotional state. More recently the process of ‘making’ has become a source of inspiration. In an uncertain world the physical processes of printing, cutting, stitching bring comfort and a sense of purpose.

My process starts with colour and mark. I work directly onto fabric often utilising breakdown, or deconstructed, printing to create a cohesive collection of fabrics characterised by dense mark and complex, often neutral colours. I cut my fabrics and reconstruct them into quilts which are then layered and quilted. I use stitch, fused applique, or additional layers of print to reference specific sources of inspiration.