Geneviève Attinger

Juried Artist Member (JAM)


Artist Statement
For me fabrics are, at once, palette and sensual, tactile, and malleable material, they are my mode of expression, my vocabulary; once and for all, I am a storyteller, that’s why my work is figurative, narrative. I am sensitive to the representation of the curves of the feminine body, to the image of the ideal or idealised woman. But I am also inspired by the place, the condition of women, their questions, their joys, their sorrows, their doubts, their battles. The techniques I use for the individuals are simple - piecing, appliqué, and above all free machine embroidery. I like using textiles with a history, a memory, I dye them or discharge them, print them and above all manipulate them, mistreat and transform them; they are at one and the same time the object and the subject of the work. Their past life and the current realisation of which they are the basic ingredient are now closely linked. I like the idea of linking and transition.