Under the Shirt

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Under the Shirt
55 in
53 in
(140 cm x 135 cm)
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Under the shirt, there are family stories that are passed on and memories that are distorted, reinvented, or erased over time. It is a heritage which we do not choose, but which we endorse as it imposes itself, envelops us, and creates invisible and subtle links between generations.

I wanted to bring an idea of movement to the piece. I added pulled thread work and created a new weft on the shirt (found in my grandmother’s attic). The shredded fabric and the inner color that imposed itself on the character, created a sense of how the future dances with the past!
Linen, cotton, hemp, satin, tea bags
Dyed, machine pieced, machine appliquéd, free motion embroidered, pulled thread work, hand embroidered