Welcome to SAQA PA!

Connecting in the time of Covid is so important for anyone, especially art quilters working on their own. We are all artists-in-residence, and SAQA has done a fabulous job of pivoting to meet our needs. Now, SAQA-PA is ready to supplement social, emotional, and intellectual support on a more personal scale. Connecting across this big expansive state, as well as New Jersey residents who live in the Greater Philadelphia metropolitan area, has always been a challenge, so live, online meetings are the silver lining of this terrible pandemic. We are here for you, and eager to connect.

SAQA-PA meets every other month, the second Sunday of the month from 1-3 pm ET, on Zoom. February 14, 1-3 is up next. We plan to add smaller, more intensive crit sessions on the same Sunday at the same time in the alternate months. Check out our newsletter for more information.

Note: Besides sharing our art and knowledge, our members include patient, helpful folks who will mentor those lacking confidence in their online skills.

PA Zoom Meeting

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Contact by the first Sunday of the month with any news to include in our newsletter.