Anna Chupa

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Bethlehem, PA
United States

Artist Statement
Made from more than seventy-five flowers and leaves gathered during photographic trips to botanical gardens and nurseries, my floral quilts are inspired by Dutch still life paintings. I assemble the photographic montages on the computer, print the original quilt top and backing designs to fabric and quilt on a longarm.

My architectural quilts are based on original photographs taken of vernacular architecture in Pennsylvania, Barcelona and San Francisco. The Pennsylvania images are constructed with three basic elements: 1) An Islamic girih tiling background, 2) Architectural elements composited into a new urban landscape, and 3) A transitional layer with alpha blending between the girih “sky” on top and architectural montage on the bottom.

Three of my Barcelona quilts also document chance encounters with large wearable street puppets called gegants that are worn on traditional festival days in Catalonia.