Barcelona Impressions

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Barcelona Impressions
36 in
36 in
(91 cm x 91 cm)
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Catalan flags often flew from balconies during the summer of 2018 and, together with language, political fliers, and a chance encounter with Barcelona giant puppets, provided an immersive experience of Catalan identity. The toy replica of a human tower in the lower right is a castell, Catalan for castle. Towers by Modernist architects Julio Maria Fossas Martínez and Miquel Martorell i Rius are juxtaposed with multiple instances of Antoni Gaudi’s architecture.
Original design from my photographs in Barcelona digitally printed on cotton sateen, quilted with Wonderfil Invisifil thread in colors to match the design. Double batted, Dream Wool and Hobbs 80/20.
Outline and free motion quilting on a longarm.