55 Worlds

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55 Worlds
60 in
52 in
(152 cm x 132 cm)
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Marian Zielinski
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About this work:
55 Worlds is a collection of impressions of organic, elemental, and geometric forms and spatial relationships. The title of this piece is intentionally ironic, pointing to the infinite and indefinable quality of the universe and my own human perceptual limitations in observing and participating in the world(s) I inhabit.
About the art quilt movement:
I've asked myself the question, why quilt my artwork? What does quilting add to the visual experience? This is my much abbreviated response:
Whether by hand or machine, the quilter's needle embeds its mark in cloth, binding it to other layers. Its path saturates the wide-open spaces, the fields of color with presence. In the process of its creation, stitching records a history of intentions, accidents, surprises, and serendipitous encounters, all while mapping its territory. Quilting brings contour to the landscape of the quilt and gesture to its spirit. It takes the eye on a journey within the work, adding palpable texture, highlights, shadows, depth, emphasis, and intimate detail.
Textile Inks on cotton.
Gelatin plate mono-prints, machine quilting.