Canticle of the Stars

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Canticle of the Stars
36 in
42 in
(91 cm x 107 cm)
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Arlo Guthrie once said you can’t have a light without a dark to put it in. Living in rural Maine, we see so many stars on a clear night. Star trail photography stacks multiple images to reveal concentric lines formed by the movement of the stars which rotate around the North Star. Snug beneath the heavens, we watch the light of the stars travel to us. My poem describes the Canticle of the Night:

Sing the antiphon
Answer the call
of the stars singing
the anthem of the night Cradle the dust of the stars nurtured within your soul Sing the antiphon
Sound the timpani
the stars are singing
the anthem of light
You carry the universe within vast oceans of wonder
Sing the antiphon
to the canticle of the stars
Fused collage, free motion quilted