Juried Artist Artwork

A Juried Artist Member is an artist who has successfully presented a portfolio to the Juried Artist Member Review Panel (more details). Learn more about these artists by exploring their artwork below or viewing their profiles. We have also curated a series of online galleries featuring Juried Artist Member artwork.

Grieving Animal (Seen from the Back)
May I Have Your Attention Trees- Orange
Gifts from the Universe Series - Water - Sand Dollars
Why Do You Worry?
Sparkling Forest
Pavement Patterns, Dancing Light, var. 4
A.H. 107 Range Grasses
Evening Light
Sacred Stories
Baum's Oz
Marking Time
Australian Summer
Lacking Gravity
Festival of Fall Colours
Finding the Way
I am the Face of Rescue
Byrna Flowers
Juried Artist Showcase Galleries
Featured Juried Artists
Mita Giacomini
Ontario, Canada
Janis Doucette
Massachusetts, United States
Betty Hahn
Arizona, United States
Kathy Suprenant
Kansas, United States