Juried Artist Artwork

A Juried Artist Member is an artist who has successfully presented a portfolio to the Juried Artist Member Review Panel (more details). Learn more about these artists by exploring their artwork below or viewing their profiles. We have also curated a series of online galleries featuring Juried Artist Member artwork.

Trees Singing
On the Wings of a Dream
The Red Chair
Artifact 3.1
Two Red Roses
Change Isn't Glacial Anymore
Diamonds and Rust
Traversing the Night
Silver Abstractions
I Will Not Be Silenced
Within Autumn
Waking Up To Music
2020, As I See It
It’s A Blaze, Tree Study
Urbane Spuren 70 (Urban Tracks 70)
A Page in a Life
Fireweed Seed Pods 2
Gentlemen's Night Out
Juried Artist Showcase Galleries
Featured Juried Artists
Sandy Curran
Virginia, United States
Jo-Ann Morgan
South Carolina, United States
Dena Dale Crain
Kentucky, United States
Kathy Menzie
Kansas, United States