Laurel Izard

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Michigan City, IN
United States

Artist Statement
I have always had a deep concern for the planet and all the people, animals, and plants living on it, yet it is only recently that I have begun to address the mass extinction of animals by portraying them in my art quilts. As I do the research for each artwork, I learn quite a bit about the factors underlying the perilous edge many of these animals exist on

Vintage quilt tops were chosen because I find the old fabrics and patterns in them endlessly varied and beautiful. Most quilts have spent decades in storage and are now given new life off the bed and hung on the wall as endangered animal quilts. Symbolically quilts make me think of mothers, grandmothers, home, safety, and protection. I like to think of sending that sentiment out into the world as a kind of prayer for change. We can’t go back in time, but we can adopt behaviors that will support world ecosystems and animal survival. This will take dramatic changes on a global level, and here is a small step.