The Unloved Endangered

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The Unloved Endangered
61 in
48.5 in
(155 cm x 123 cm)
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Currently, one third of the world’s animals and plants could be extinct by 2070. The Unloved Endangered celebrates a small fraction of endangered invertebrates. Many of these animals are not appreciated, much less celebrated. Some, like hook worms, spiders, and the hog-sucking louse, are loathed or feared. Yet each of these animals has an important part to play in the web of life, and we will allow them to go extinct to our peril. While researching these creatures, I was constantly struck by their unique beauty, and hope that I have created an opportunity for others to see them in a new way.
Contemporary silk, vintage sari silk, cotton
Hand dyed, fused, hand embroidered, appliquéd, quilted