Birthright of Woman.

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Birthright of Woman.
15.6 in
15.6 in
(40 cm x 40 cm)
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To decide myself to wear on my head. - Freedom of woman is essential to me, and is, alas, not free to discuss any more in my country, due to massive immigration. Art quilt is for me the only way to express myself as an artist, and when I discovered this great American tradition, it was a revelation to me! - Since I became a widow 2 years ago and had to sell my house, my studio is now one room in my appartment. The big problem for now is to find my material, but I also make discoveries! Feeling old and not so well, difficulties in walking and arthrosis in my hands make me angry, but what would I do without my quilting and my quilting friends at home and all over the world!
Fabrics. Beer caps. Ornament from an old shoe as a hat.
Art quilt, machine and by hand. Stack and slash-techniques