Kathy Suprenant

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Lawrence, KS
United States

Artist Statement
I create art on the elastic edge of art and science. I am an upcycled scientist, recently retired, no longer teaching, running a research lab or chairing a science department. Now my art studio is my place of thinking and doing. Similar to my science laboratory, it is where I can ask open-ended questions and ponder the big picture, where I can learn from failure and celebrate success.

I have two stories to tell through my art. The tale of a 500-year old clam named Ming, as revealed in a series of hand-appliquéd representational quilts. And a second series of abstract whole cloth quilts created from large-scale relief prints and digitized sun paintings. Because of my training as a cell biologist, the images in these quilts are exploded, distorted and magnified as if viewed through an imaginary lens.

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