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35 in
59 in
(89 cm x 150 cm)
Photo Credit
Aaron Paden
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As a 9-year old, my Holy Grail of Christmas presents was a “powerful” light microscope and a dissection kit. My parents were certain that I would cut my fingers off or poke my eye out. Fortunately, I received the optics and surgical blades and many years later landed my dream job, a university teaching and research professorship in cell biology. Now that I am retired, I picked up a knife again to create a quilt inspired by the illustrations of Éduoard Van Beneden a Belgian embryologist who carried out pioneering studies of mitosis in the 19th Century.
MDF board for the woodcut, oil-based printing ink, cotton fabric and thread, poly-cotton batting.
Whole cloth quilt began as a colossal woodcut that I hand-carved over an eight-week period. Printed in the street on muslin during a public steamroller-printing event. Machine-quilted.