Immigration or Invasion?

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Immigration or Invasion?
50 in
35 in
(127 cm x 89 cm)
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Are people who flee their homelands to enter another country “immigrants” or “invaders”? Since 1886, The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor has symbolized our willingness to welcome all people to our country. Since this country’s beginnings, war, oppression, famine, and poverty have caused people to seek a better life in the United States.

This quilt shows copies of original ships’ passenger lists from the early 1900s, which are printed on my rust-dyed fabric. These people were welcomed at a time when the country’s rapid growth encouraged many new workers and their families to come. Organza ghost figures at the bottom stand for the many people who have lost their lives while fleeing their home countries. Images of walls, fences, razor wire, and angry messages refer to the often hostile reception that these immigrants receive today.
Cotton, organza, fusible, airbrush and textile paints, fish net, paint sticks, texture rubbings
Fabric painted, printed, airbrushed, machine pieced, fused, screen printed, rust dyed, free motion quilted, embellished