Bear Fence

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Bear Fence
54 in
40 in
(137 cm x 102 cm)
Photo Credit
Chris Arend
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We own a small, 1920s goldminer’s cabin in the heart of the Wrangell St. Elias National Park in Alaska. Across the street is The Old Hardware Store where miners bought their supplies back in the day. Now, it is the Wrangell Mountains Center, an art and science education facility. In the WMC’s back yard, they have a large compost pile that is protected by an electric bear fence. All three of my sons had to touch that fence. They just could not believe it would shock them. What is it that attracts us to the unknown? Why is it not enough to be told something will shock you? Why do we always test limits for ourselves? Some connections will shock you.
Vintage, contemporary, and hand-dyed fabrics
Cut, pieced, machine quilted, faced