Heather Pregger

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Fort Worth, TX
United States

Artist Statement
I was a geology major in college and I spent many happy hours in the mineralogy lab, pouring over microscopic thin sections of rocks and minerals. The colors, the shapes, and the flow of colors over the face of the slides were incredibly exciting. As part of the course requirements, we sketched the thin sections we examined. Armed with a small sketchbook and a large box of colored pencils, I spent day after day drawing and coloring these slides. My abstract quilts still reference those drawings.

I work in an abstract manner, experimenting with color, line, and shape in constructing geometric and free form compositions. My work is pieced and machine quilted, using both hand-dyed and commercial fabrics. Individual blocks are arranged and layered, the design developing with the changing interplay of colors and shapes. The emerging color/shape combinations constantly suggest new directions to pursue.