Juried Artist Member - Update Profile

A key benefit of being a Juried Artist Member (JAM) is an artist profile page on the SAQA website. Each artist can have up to 4 images of their art as well as contact information and artist statements. One of these images can be designated as your profile thumbnail image. 

These profile images are in addition to those displayed in the Related Collection Images section of your page. These images are from SAQA exhibitions, AQQ portfolio, Art Quilts Unfolding, or Art Quilt Retrospective call for entry. Collection images will appear automatically and cannot be changed. You can include a collection image as a profile image if you wish.

If you are an existing Juried Artist, use the link below to update your profile. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@saqa.com.

Not a Juried Artist? Find out how you can apply