Juried Artist Program

A Juried Artist Member (JAM) of SAQA is an artist who has successfully presented a portfolio to the Juried Artist Review Panel.  Showing a professional approach to art, the portfolio presents a body of work that represents a singular point of view or signature collection. This portfolio is submitted through an online application process

The artist’s resume demonstrates a record of juried exhibitions beyond the local. Documentation and images are of high quality, as expected by gallery and museum personnel, as well as collectors and publishers.

The Review Panel evaluates each portfolio against the criteria explained in the Juried Artist Guidelines and gauges the level of artistic merit and professional practice demonstrated by the applicant. All Review Panel members are current Juried Artist Members.

Benefits of Juried Artist Membership

Besides meeting a personal goal of accomplishment, the major benefit for Juried Artist members is the opportunity for exposure: in SAQA publications, on the website, as well as participation in SAQA special events.


  • Art Quilt Quarterly - Each issue includes a Portfolio section featuring our Juried Artist Members (one artist per page). This magazine is available to subscribers and sold at bookstores across the United States.
  • Exploring Art Quilts - this book series includes Portfolio images and is sold in bookstores and online through Schiffer Publishing 

Website opportunities

  • An artist profile page on the SAQA website with up to 4 images, artist statement, and links to website/social media.
  • Artwork in included in the Juried Artist Showcase galleries.
  • Listing in the Juried Artist Directory
  • Artwork eligible for inclusion in weekly SAQA emails and on banners throughout the SAQA website

Special Events

  • Network with other Juried Artists in an exclusive Facebook group
  • Participate in online meetings and presentations just for Juried Artists
  • Bi-monthly newsletter
  • Annual conference get-togethers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do SAQA members want to be Juried Artists?

Everyone has different goals. In the recent survey of SAQA members: 

  • 30% of Juried Artists said they applied because of the opportunity to increase the perceived quality and value of their work.
  • 25% said they wanted the recognition and approval of their peers. 
  • 21% applied because they said the discipline of preparing a professional portfolio would help them develop as an artist.
  • 20% applied because of the ability to network with other Juried Artists.

I was a Juried Artist before but let my membership lapse - do I need to reapply?

Juried Artists who discontinue their Juried Artist membership status (but maintain their membership in SAQA) can be reinstated within a five-year period without going through the Juried Artist approval process again.

Juried Artist members who have let their SAQA membership lapse for more than one year will be required to re-submit an application.

If you have questions, please contact us at info@saqa.com.