Important Membership and Art Quilt Quarterly updates

SAQA’s Board made two important decisions in May 2023: 

Art Quilt Quarterly
Art Quilt Quarterly’s final issue will be #34 (mailing in January 2024). This was a difficult decision because Art Quilt Quarterly is a wonderful publication that has helped SAQA to spread the word about art quilts. However, due to the rising costs of publishing and the post-pandemic difficulties of distribution through bookstores, it is no longer possible to continue publication. 

  • If you recently renewed, you will receive all four issues: 31, 32, 33, 34
  • If your subscription goes past issue 34, the extra will be refunded (details available later this year)
  • If your subscription ends before Issue 34, the other issues will be available for purchase at a prorated cost   

Special thanks to Sandra Sider for serving as Editor of Art Quilt Quarterly, to Diane Howell and Patty Kennedy-Zafred for their columns in each issue, and to the many contributing writers and featured artists for promoting the art quilt through 34 beautiful issues!

Juried Artist Membership
The Board also considered whether SAQA should continue to charge more for membership at the Juried Artist level. There is concern that the increased cost may be a barrier to participation in this important program. The Board voted to eliminate the $65 membership upcharge fee for annual Juried Artist Membership. Starting May 18, Juried Artist Members will pay the regular $90 per year for membership. 
All Juried Artist Members whose membership extends beyond January 1, 2024 may have the extra fees either refunded, used to extend their membership term, or they can donate the difference to SAQA. Further instructions will be available later this year. 
With the end of Art Quilt Quarterly, there will no longer be a publication devoted to Juried Artist images.  All Juried Artist Members who submitted Portfolio images in the 2023 call will have their art showcased in Art Quilt Quarterly between now and the final issue (#34). 
All other benefits of being a Juried Artist Member will remain in place:

  • Artist profile page on the SAQA website with images, artist statement and links
  • Inclusion in the Juried Artist Showcase galleries on the SAQA website  
  • Listing in the Juried Artist Directory
  • Eligibility for artwork to be included in SAQA emails and website banners  
  • Membership in Juried Artists online community
  • Attendance in online meetings and presentations exclusively for Juried Artists
  • Bi-monthly email newsletter
  • Attendance at Juried Artist special session at the SAQA Annual Conference  

These difficult decisions were made following months of discussion. If you have specific questions about your Art Quilt Quarterly subscription or Juried Artist membership, please contact Note that details about your refunds will not be available until later this year.  We would appreciate your patience in this matter.