Juried Artist Artwork

A Juried Artist Member is an artist who has successfully presented a portfolio to the Juried Artist Member Review Panel (more details). Learn more about these artists by exploring their artwork below or viewing their profiles. We have also curated a series of online galleries featuring Juried Artist Member artwork.

Mapforms #11
Life Journey of Flowers I: Passion
Earth's Dance: Sacred Trees!
Fire and Ice #2
Recycling Plastic is a Myth
Mr McDuff
Garden Party #2
Nordlichter #61, Serie Interpretationen 2021
Respite Under a Blue Sky
Leading From Behind
Prairie Scape
Time of Day: Nine to Five
50 Shades of Lichen
Moon And Mars: Sand Pictures #3
Black and White and Read All Over
Harrier Hunting
Blue-Violet Hand
Mexican Graveyard
Juried Artist Showcase Galleries
Featured Juried Artists
Jean Neblett
New Mexico, United States
Mary Smith
Texas, United States
Yael David-Cohen
United Kingdom
Diane Núñez
Michigan, United States