Bonnie J. Smith

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Port Hueneme, CA
United States

Artist Statement
My textile fiber artworks are about what I see and know. It is my aspiration in life to keep telling my stories and that of others. Two themes that I have explored in depth are the effects of the drought in California and the importance of family relationships. I have also created art works about social justice by exploring subjects such as the suffragette movement, the plight of women of color, AIDS, immigration, racism and rape. My art works travel internationally regularly.

What I have seen as I view the terrain of California is the effect the drought damaged this states environment. This became quite clear when I started taking a series of photos of the Alviso Salt Marshes located in the Bay Area of northern California. The before and after drought images jarred my sensibilities. Watching how the ongoing lack of water has affected this environment overwhelmed me. Creating a drought series of textile artworks allowed me to push this alarming message out into the wo