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54 in
54 in
(137 cm x 137 cm)
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This was my first original design in creating fiber art. When I was finished I thought to myself "I don't care whether anyone likes it, I love it". That has become the mantra that I follow religiously to this very day. At that moment realizing I needed to please no one but myself when I design a new fiber artwork was very freeing for me. Selling "Images" was the most thrilling sale I have ever had as the couple who purchased also collected Andy Warhol paintings and the interior designer who sold the artwork for me called and said "they are moving Andy and your work will now be over the sofa". At first I did not know what he was saying so when I called them they explained how they would be installing the artwork. I was overwhelmed and still to this day when I think about the entire situation gives me chills. I met Andy Warhol in 1984 and was so overwhelmed I said nothing! Forever, I am great full to this wonderful couple validating the art I created.

For myself, I know a design is finished when I can walk by the design board and not stop to make adjustments or even to look at the work anymore. It gives me great comfort to know the work is finished. For many years a sadness would come over me when a work was finished as I had become such good friends with my new creation that has gone to wayside as I feel now I am in a race to create new original designs and tell my story before the end of my life.
Machine appliquéd, machine stitched, hand appliquéd