Water Bubbles, bird

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Water Bubbles, bird
8 in
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(20 cm x 13 cm x 15 cm)
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Water Bubbles was an intriguing idea that blossomed one day as I was doing what I do best - people watching. I walked to the beach near my home and watched enormous waves at high tide. At low tide, little pockets of water warmed by the sun were left that small children would play in. Watching the children frolicking in these little pools of warm ocean water just amused me so much. The children did not have a care in the world, and they would play for hours, so content.

As I watched the children, I wondered how I could possibly use my art to replicate that scene and what I was feeling. The idea
eventually came to me during one of my many walks on the beach. Always wondering how could I create the water bubbles I envisioned? I finally settled on a technique which took more time than I could have imagined but I love the completed artworks.
Cotton, Indigo dye