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235 in
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20 in
(597 cm x 290 cm x 51 cm)
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I create abstract pieces that are saturated with colour and stitch. My inspiration is found in the breaking down of surfaces caused by nature and human use. Phoenix’s inspiration was an old barn in France. The wood had been scorched by the sun and charred from a fire; a dilapidated door with the paint long gone and only faint traces remaining, revealing the wood split and dried into a pattern.The marks, textures and colours are exaggerated, intensified to reveal detail and complexity. The work evolves organically, built up with layers of fabric and stitch into a three-dimensional abstract form that hover between object and image; to create a unique, visual and tactile landscape of form and texture. Challenging traditional understandings of the division between the visible and the unseen. Whilst being aesthetically pleasing the work can also act as a metaphor for deterioration and ruin, associated with urban decay and ultimately death and loss.
Felt, voile.
Printed, appliquéd, free motion stitched, digital embroidery.