Judith Quinn Garnett

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Portland, OR
United States

Artist Statement
I am a painter whose studio practice is based on discipline and action. My hands are my informants and lead the way into the work with visceral reactions to a lifetime of making. Expression is priority with a fascination for people and the human condition, diving deep into color or deeper still into its absence, geometry, textures, and connections to memories.

In the past decade, I’ve added stitch to my paint. It started when I cut unsatisfactory painted canvases from their frames and used stitch as a powerful mark-making tool. This has led to a consistent practice of paint and stitch.

The continual theme of my studio is exploration and most of my explorations begin with paint. I’m not one to wait for inspiration but am an advocate for discipline, continual curiosity, joy in exploration - the fuel to my studio practice.