Judith Quinn Garnett

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Portland, OR
United States

Artist Statement
My work results from exploring many lines of inquiry and combinations of work throughout my life as an artist. I started as a painter/drawer and, along the way, pursued book arts, monotypes, and wood block printer - all while working as an art director/graphic designer. This range of experience informs the ways my work expresses ideas through mixed media, brought together with fiber and quilting techniques.

My recent work uses my “stitched painting” technique as a basis for expression. The original painted canvas is the starting point for all my work in this technique. These paintings are combined with ordinary objects, post-consumer waste, and other unusual materials to create an amalgamation of mediums offering unexpected ways to create repetition and pattern.

As an artist, I feel I have come to a place where my range of experience and past explorations meld in a single, mature voice, satisfying my need for expressive art and my desire to expand and refine my craftsmanship.