Donna Deaver

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Coeur d'Alene, ID
United States

Artist Statement
I am an artist who works primarily in stitched surfaces. My physical surroundings provide constant stimulation and often awaken my curiosity about scenes that are unfolding, or what has come before. Sketching on location with ink and watercolor enables me to capture the essence of a place, time, or experience, to see details that might go unnoticed, and to cement my memories in a way that taking a photograph alone does not achieve. Back in my studio, I continue to explore what began with my eye, sketchbook, and camera, in a more intimate way. I use a variety of techniques and materials to do this, choosing those to best tell my story.

I make my art to understand and describe emotions that I feel when in a place that affects me in some way. I work in a series to go deeper into my subject matter and explore new techniques and ways to interpret the subject. As I progress in a series, I become totally immersed in it, which often leads me in surprising directions.