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Magic Hour
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Magic Hour', 9th in my Ocean's Edge series, was inspired by time spent by the water, just after sunset. For this piece, I assembled all of the sketches and photographs from multiple trips to the ocean and began to see a theme emerging. I then dyed and painted cotton fabric in a triadic color scheme of dusty purple, Art Quilts Unfoldinga green and orange yellow. From these, I narrowed it down further and selected my final palette. The result helps to describe this magical time of day, which photographers refer to as the golden hour.

I began this series in 2014 because of my deep love of the sea, and a need to visually describe the emotions that it evokes for me. My hope is that this body of work will eventually describe multiple facets of my emotions and experiences connected to the sea, resulting in a more powerful experience for both myself and my audience.

Many artists work in a series to go deeper into their subject matter and explore new techniques and ways to interpret the subject. I am no different. I choose my series carefully as I will most likely spend much time there. As I progress in a series, I begin to think more deeply about the subject and the impact it has had on my life. Working in the studio is such a solitary practice that it lends itself to a kind of focused meditation. While I work, I grow -- not just as an artist, but as a human being.

I use fabric for my art because it helps me to tell my story. It is more tactile than paint, but can be used similarly. The stitching that I incorporate becomes part of the design and adds an element of texture. Fabric and textiles have a rich history and an emotional connection for many. Often, when viewers get close enough to see detail, they are surprised that my work is not painted, which opens the door for a unique experience with the artwork. It also often begins a dialogue about the art, the techniques and the viewer's own experience with cloth.
High quality cotton fabric, hand-dyed and painted by the artist; various silk, cotton, polyester and rayon threads; wool batting.
Collage created from many small hand cut pieces of cotton fabric, which are permanently fused and stitched down. Dense quilting stitches are added for a rich texture.

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