Primal Forces: Earth (SAQA Global Exhibition)

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SAQA is proud to announce a new, three-part series to premiere at the National Quilt Museum over the next six years. The first will be Primal Forces: Earth (Wind and Fire will be the other exhibitions).

All life on this planet depends on earth. However, the soil beneath our feet that nurtures us can be a destructive force. Seismic activity and mudslides have shaped the landscape for millions of years, taking a toll on living beings as well.

Exhibition Benefactor
Frank Klein

Exhibition Schedule

National Quilt Museum - Paducah, Kentucky: September 17, 2021 - January 11, 2022

James R. Reynolds Gallery, Texas A & M University - College Station, Texas - April 17 - June 25, 2022 (Selected Works)

Brigham Young University Museum of Art - Provo, Utah: March 24 - December 29, 2023

Original Sewing & Quilt Expo:

         Atlanta - Duluth, GA | March 7, 8 & 9, 2024
         Lakeland, FL | March 14, 15 & 16, 2024
         Cleveland, OH | April 18, 19 & 20, 2024  
         New Orleans - Kenner, LA | May 2, 3 & 4, 2024

Lewis Clark-State College Center for Arts & History,  Lewiston, Idaho: Aug 1 - Oct 31 2024

About the Juror

Sue Cavanaugh, a stitcher/gatherer/dyer of cloth for 2 and 3D works, and installation art, also makes lino prints and draws cartoons. Cavanaugh works by hand with cloth, cord, dye, paint, and occasionally, wood and wire. Her work has been exhibited in both national and international exhibits at the Columbus Museum of Art, Oceanside Museum of Art, Springfield Museum of Art (Ohio), Ross Museum of Art, Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum of Art, Ohio Craft Museum and Zanesville Museum of Art. 

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Selected Artists

Frieda Anderson (Illinois, USA) - This World is on Fire Triptych
Nancy Bardach (California, USA) - Reflections of Heat
Holly Brackmann (California, USA) - Desolation Relief
Ana Paula Brasil (Ontario, Canada) - Earth Womb
Betty Busby (New Mexico, USA) - Faultline
Maya Chaimovich (Israel) - "And Unto Dust"
Shin-hee Chin (Kansas, USA) - The Web of Life-Earth
Vicki Conley (New Mexico, USA) - Slot Canyon #6
Pat DaRif (Indiana, USA) - Imbalance:  Algae Bloom in the Great Lakes
Judith Duffield (Colorado, USA) - Greenland Is Melting
Sarah Entsminger (Virginia, USA) - A Winter's Morning
Caryl Fallert-Gentry (Washington, USA) - Nice Ice #1
Victoria Findlay Wolfe (New York, USA) - Language of Trees
Dianne Firth (Australia) - Across the Desert
Helen Geglio (Indiana, USA) - Wisdom Cloak: The Sibyl (For Rachel Carson)
Mary Louise Gerek (Colorado, USA) - Mixing Paint
Nancy Goodman (Alabama, USA) - Sea Glass
Betty Hahn (Arizona, USA) - Opposites Attract
Michele Hardy (Colorado, USA) - Geoforms: Fractures #6
Patty Kennedy-Zafred (Pennsylvania, USA) - Grown Too Soon: The Boys of the Mines
Jennifer Landau (California, USA) - Snow Bones: Climate Change
Mary-Ellen Latino (California, USA) - Earth's Dance: Sacred Trees!
Kathy Menzie (Kansas, USA) - Growth, Decay, Renewal
Bobbe Nolan (Texas, USA) - Flyover 8--Pathways
Stephanie Nordlin (Arizona, USA) - Sonoran Spring
Frauke Palmer (Ohio, USA) - The Watchers
Andi Perejda (California, USA) - Terrible Beauty
Heather Pregger (Texas, USA) - Tiger's Eye
Paula Rafferty (Ireland) - Tights come Down
Dorothy Raymond (Colorado, USA) - Vortex
Anne Severn (Colorado, USA) - Cerulean Lake
Brenda Smith (Arizona, USA) - Glen Canyon 2
Sarah Ann Smith (Maine, USA) - Rose Hip
Bonnie Smith (California, USA) - View From Above, brn
Jean Sredl (Wisconsin, USA) - After the Warming - Permanent Winter
Maggie Vanderweit (Ontario, Canada) - Earth to Earth
Kit Vincent (Ontario, Canada) - Fastwater debacle:  what lies beneath
Geraldine Warner (Washington, USA) - Global Warning
Janet Windsor (Arizona, USA) - Crumbling
Lynn Woll (Texas, USA) - Oozing Heat

Artwork Available for Purchase

For purchase inquiries, please contact William Reker, Director of Global Exhibitions at or 937-912-5009.

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In the Exhibition
Sarah Entsminger - A Winter's Morning
Sarah Entsminger
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Dianne Firth - Across the Desert
Dianne Firth
See Details
Jean  Sredl - After the Warming - Permanent Winter
Jean Sredl
See Details
Maya Chaimovich - And Unto Dust
Maya Chaimovich
See Details
Anne  Severn - Cerulean Lake
Anne Severn
See Details
Janet  Windsor - Crumbling
Janet Windsor
See Details
Holly Brackmann - Desolation Relief
Holly Brackmann
See Details
Maggie  Vanderweit - Earth to Earth
Maggie Vanderweit
See Details
Ana Paula Brasil - Earth Womb
Ana Paula Brasil
See Details
Mary-Ellen  Latino - Earth's Dance: Sacred Trees!
Mary-Ellen Latino
See Details
Kit  Vincent - Fastwater debacle:  what lies beneath
Kit Vincent
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Betty Busby - Faultline
Betty Busby
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Bobbe  Shapiro Nolan - Flyover 8--Pathways
Bobbe Shapiro Nolan
See Details
Michele  Hardy - Geoforms: Fractures #6
Michele Hardy
See Details
Brenda  Smith - Glen Canyon 2
Brenda Smith
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Geraldine  Warner - Global Warning
Geraldine Warner
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Judith Duffield - Greenland Is Melting
Judith Duffield
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Patty  Kennedy-Zafred - Grown Too Soon: The Boys of the Mines
Patty Kennedy-Zafred
See Details
Kathy  Menzie - Growth, Decay, Renewal
Kathy Menzie
See Details
Pat DaRif - Imbalance: Algae Bloom in the Great Lakes
Pat DaRif
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Mary Louise Gerek - Mixing Paint
Mary Louise Gerek
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Caryl Fallert-Gentry - Nice Ice #1
Caryl Fallert-Gentry
See Details
Lynn  Woll - Oozing Heat
Lynn Woll
See Details
Betty  Hahn - Opposites Attract
Betty Hahn
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Nancy Bardach - Reflections of Heat
Nancy Bardach
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Sarah Ann  Smith - Rose Hip
Sarah Ann Smith
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Nancy  Goodman - Sea Glass
Nancy Goodman
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Vicki Conley - Slot Canyon #6
Vicki Conley
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Jennifer  Landau - Snow Bones: Climate Change
Jennifer Landau
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Stephanie  Nordlin - Sonoran Spring
Stephanie Nordlin
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Andi  Perejda - Terrible Beauty
Andi Perejda
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Victoria  Findlay Wolfe - The Language of Trees
Victoria Findlay Wolfe
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Frauke  Palmer - The Watchers
Frauke Palmer
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Shin-hee  Chin - The Web of Life - Earth
Shin-hee Chin
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Frieda Anderson - This World is on Fire Triptych
Frieda Anderson
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Heather  Pregger - Tiger's Eye
Heather Pregger
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Paula  Rafferty - Tights come Down
Paula Rafferty
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Bonnie J. Smith - View From Above, brown
Bonnie J. Smith
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Dorothy  Raymond - Vortex
Dorothy Raymond
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Helen  Geglio - Wisdom Cloak: The Sibyl (For Rachel Carson)
Helen Geglio
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